Thursday, 25 April 2013

Under Eye Circles: Gone!

Posted by Kimmy at 09:11
I've never had a problem with under eye bags. Ever. Even with lack of sleep etc I have always been pretty lucky. That is until I took a trip to America in Feb/March. After I arrived, I had dark circles and puffy eyes! I blamed the flight but they stayed until after I got back home. I was horrified lol.
I decided to attack them!

I bought Yes To Grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream while I was in the states then while in Melbourne a few weeks back I got Lab Series power brightening eye balm. Using these 2 products together every morning I started to see a difference within a week! In the top picture (in America), you can see my puffiness and darkness and I'm wearing makeup! Bottom picture was taken the other morning, with NO makeup on at all. Such a difference hey!

I highly recommend them both!

Do you guys have any dark circle miracle products/ tips?



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